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Our Clients Say

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Want help taking your business to the next level? I HIGHLY recommend you talk to Nicole and her team. She listens as you share why you started, where your business is now, and where you want to go. We discussed how to improve my bottom line, how to interpret financial reports, and how to prepare for tax season. I felt lost before talking to Nicole, but now I have a clear perspective and feel confident with her by my side. If you want to grow your business bigger than you can alone, get Nicole's help. I feel more confident knowing that I'm making the right choices. Stop worrying, and hire this pro team to get your business where you want it to go.

Professional Business Owner

Absolutely Worth the Investment!

After my first conversation with Nicole, I felt empowered and excited to move my business forward!! The professionalism and knowledge that Wildlight Business Solutions has to offer is absolutely worth the investment. If you are considering them for your business I would absolutely recommend them. I felt like Nicole listened to my specific needs and advised me with creativity and care.

Building Professional Business Owner

The Support I Need

Wildlight Business Solutions is there for me every step of the way as I grow my business. I am able to go after jobs twice the size as before, confidently, because I know I can trust Wildlight to provide confidential support and absolute security. Wildlight gives me the support and advice I need to come out on top - time and time again.

Building Professional Business Owner

Very professional and easy to work with

If you have the opportunity to work with Nicole you are making a good decision. She is knowledgable, down to earth, and a professional. All emails or questions were answered promptly and with good detail. Choose Nicole for your business.

Building Professional Business Owner

A Breath of Fresh Air!

We are so happy and relieved to have found Nicole! We were struggling for years and had a major 'bookkeeping' mess to sort out. Nicole took the time to carefully review and understand our specific needs. She did an outstanding job setting up our books which are now accurate, easy to understand and updated in a very timely fashion. Nicole is professional, thoughtful, extremely efficient and patient. Working with Nicole has been the most positive business decision we've made; we highly recommend her to anyone looking for Quickbooks/Payroll/Bookkeeping help.

Building Professional Business Owner

Very Knowledgeable and Professional

Nicole is very knowledgeable, professional and outstanding to work with. She goes above and beyond in helping my business any way she can. I highly recommend Nicole from Wildlight Business Solutions to anyone.

Building Professional Business Owner

Great Investment in My Business

Nicole is knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, patient, and a pleasure to work with. She takes great care of the books and payroll and helps to shed light on important decisions. Working with Nicole has been a great investment in my business and peace of mind.

Building Professional Business Owner
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Not sure what you need help with?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to hone in on the best services for your business.

Building & Construction Trade Accounting

Construction accounting is unique because of employee, equipment, insurance, and product costs. Make sure everything is tracked and accounted for correctly.

Burdened Labor Rates/ Industry Benchmarking/ Pricing

  • What should I be paying my employees to stay profitable while still offering competitive compensation? 
  • Are my rates comparable to my competition? 
  • What factors should I consider when pricing a project?

Manage Assets, Lines of Credit, Retainers

  • What are the best conditions to purchase heavy equipment and expensive assets?
  • What is the smartest choice for financing a large purchase?
  • Should I use retainers?  How much should they be?

Industry Optimized Chart of Accounts & Tax Planning

  • How do I track invoices, receipts, and all the paperwork in between? 
  • How do I make sense of my bank statements?
  • Am I on-track and organized for a successful, stress-free tax season?

Cash Flow Management

Money is coming in, but you’re not sure if material and labor costs leave you ahead or behind? We make it easy to know if you’re on track to meet your goals.

Vendor/ SubContractor Management

  • How do the terms of my contracts affect my cash on hand? How do my contracts work together?
  • How do I know if the money in my account is truly available- or is it already “spent”?
  • How do I hire, onboard, and pay subcontractors to ensure there are no surprise  bills down the road?

Job Costing/ Estimating/ Project Profitability Analysis

  • How do I turn my pricing into accurate estimates and job costing?
  • How do I calculate and build in my overhead costs and expenses? 
  • How did my actual costs compare to my projected costs, and what can I do differently next time to improve my bottom line?

Progress/Contract Invoicing & More

  • How do I manage invoices through long-term, complex, or big ticket projects?
  • What capital do I need to carry me through?
  • How do I make sure everyone - myself, my vendors, and my subcontractors - gets paid on time?


Ready to attract more customers and clients? We know how to build the buzz with your target clients to get the clients calling.

Business Branding

  • How do I attract high-quality clients?
  • How can I make myself recognizable to clients - both current and potential?
  • How can custom, cohesive branding make my business and team look professional?

Online Presence

  • Do I need a website, how do I get one, and what do I put on it?
  • Should I be on social media, and which platforms are the best?
  • How do I get my website to the top of Google?


  • How much should I spend on advertising?
  • Where should I advertise for the best outcomes?
  • How do I know if my advertising and marketing are working?

Planning & Support

We pride ourselves on our professional business representation, but we can also dovetail in with your existing staff. You get our years of specialized experience in the building and construction trades on your team.

Contracts & Negotiation

  • Is a contract recommended or required? 
  • What do I put in a contract? 
  • How do I negotiate a contract - timelines, payment, and more?

Materials Management/ Project Management

  • How do I ensure all my schedules - materials, receivables, and payables - line up?
  • How can I problem-solve when I’m hit with a delay?
  • How do I know how obstacles will affect my cash?

Business Administration / Government and Regulatory Compliance

  • How do I know if my company is resilient?
  • As my business grows, what changes do I need to communicate to government agencies, external accountants, and insurance companies? 
  • Do I need to charge sales tax? How and when?  What do I need to track?

Payroll and Employee Management

Need help tracking production time, payroll, and getting direct deposit set-up? We can help you take care of your employees while you take care of business.

Flow-through job-costing, including benefits 

  • What benefits can I afford to offer my employees?
  • How do I ensure my employees are properly enrolled for all their benefits?
  • How do payroll projections factor into my job pricing?

Workers’ Comp, Disability Insurance, and PFLA Compliance

  • How much can I expect to pay for insurance?
  • Are my job sites OSHA compliant?
  • How do I handle injured employees and insurance audits?

Federal and State Payroll Tax Payments & Filings

  • How do I provide employees and subcontractors with the correct tax forms?
  • What paperwork do I need to give each new employee?
  • When am I required to send filings to OSHA?  What do I need to track?

Merchant Services

Want to offer the option for clients to pay online. We make sure everything is set up and managed correctly for a seamless and secure client experience.

Prompt online payments

  • How can I increase how quickly I’m paid?
  • Can I accept online payments?
  • What is the best way to accept online payments?

Integrated Bill Pay

  • How can I pay my bills online?
  • Can I go paperless?  How do I manage that?

ACH Payments 

  • How can clients send me large payments securely and efficiently?
  • My client uses a money manager to pay their invoices. Is there anything I should know about this arrangement?
  • How can I avoid online payment fees?

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